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Al Loving

by Robert Sievert

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Al Loving and his work


I watch the slow but unending parade of artists I knew slip away. This month I read the obituary of Al Loving in the New York Times. I decided to add a few personal notes to his death.

I saw his show last fall at the G.M. N'Namdi Gallery on 26th Street. His work was still vibrant, beautiful constructions of flat decorative painting cut into shapes affixed to the wall in an expansive composition.

I remember over thirty years ago going to a dance performance in Soho. The choreographer was using ordinary people (non-dancers) to enact her movement ideas. There was Al Loving, a tall handsome blackman performing in this rag tag group. I admired his courage

For a while he lived on Staten Island on Norwood Avenue in a building in which a number of artists had studios. He was known as a committed and dedicated artist who like to party.

He was last seen in the halls of a gallery building in Chelsea making the Thursday night openings in June, still a player, still on the art world prowl.


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August 17, 2005