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by Robert Sievert


Artists Robert Henry and Selina Trieff chat with Gina Werfel at her opening.

Viewers toast Gina Werfel's new work.

There was a real brightness to the opening of Gina Werfels show at Prince St. Gallery. The Art was great and the opening night guests were fabulous.

Werfel's paintings of California hillsides are both raucous and upbeat as forms seem to tumble down towards the viewer in a most rythmic and lively way. The colors are masterfully handled as they convey that intense California light and a sense of place.

Her work has a wonderfully deep space that is exploited by her animated brushwork and overall sense of design. Landscape and abstraction duke it out as her work rides the line between representation and painterly impulse.



Gina chats with artist Rhea Saunders.

Gina Werfel with one of her new paintings

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November 23, 2003