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Margaret Leveson

by Robert Sievert



There is a vary calm and soothing feeling in place as one enters and takes in the work at the Blue Mountain Gallery. Margaret Leveson's show QUIET PLACES sets a mood and allows one to be at rest in a number of locations in Brooklyn's Prospect Park and somewhere in the Catskills.

Not that the paintings are soporific. They are testament to the experience one has when confronting an undisturbed landscape,a sense of awe and wonder of the natural world.

The pictures are done in an unassuming painterly style with an extraordinary eye for light and color. The work has a natural illumination. It captures daylight so completely using the far limits of the spectrum usually omitted in ordinary notation.

Violets and blues work their way into water and sky that suggests the off light of a special moment in time. Using color to create not only the play of light across a pond or grove but also the mood.

I think it was Wolffin who said that color and mood were the great subjects of art. Leveson is a master, her paintings are statements of quiet spaces brought to life with a lively brush and artistic imagination.


  Copyright © 2003 Robert Sievert