by Nancy Stark


In the visual arts eye candy rules, in the performing arts, disjointed, emotionally alienated and startling portrayals prevail. In music the discordant and aggressive is lionized.

Emotions are skewed, ignored or downplayed. sci-fi without relatedness. Art looking for a soul.

In the coming three months with the new Moon chart of April 23, with a grouping of planets in Taurus, weíre given a boost to express our sensual nature and be more real, more down to earth. This opening is enhanced by help from Mars and Pluto, adding depth and passion to our being. With Saturn in Gemini, our minds can be more organized, and our ideas can be expressed more clearly.

This Spring, find ways to publicize your works, make them of durable and stable materials, as craftsmanship, in whatever medium you work in, will be appreciated. Politicians, medical practitioners, advertise, why not you.

These are changing unique, unprecedented times, the arts are also going through transformation.

All of us, artists in particular, need to immerse in the waters of Neptune, and become saturated with its transcendental and creative qualities, soak in the life giving and confidence that the sun radiates. Literally go and play in the ocean and embrace the sunís life giving rays. In a more earthly tone, hug a tree, brings flowers into your environment, invite friends to dinner, and bask in the warm feelings of sharing.

With Neptune and Uranus both in Aquarius for the last three years or so, the underlying theme continues as disruption specially in the arts, and most importantly in the ideals portrayed. Computers rule, and their creative applications break established patterns and expectations. Uranus rules computers, and in Aquarius they become emphasized.

Since Uranus is accompanied in its celestial journey by Neptune, the pair partake of each others qualities. Neptune stands for illusion, beauty but also impracticality. Now that Aquarius is so powerfully felt in our society, alienation is one of the results. This is felt not only in the family unit, but also it becomes translated down to artistic expression, as this medium is an extension of societies psyche. Thus the impersonal, logical, intellectual approach is being felt more and more in the arts.

In the summer, Neptune, Saturn and Mercury are in Gemini; communications rule. Network to become better known. Continue spreading the word of your works. Relate to your public. Writers are at their best.

Mercury now retrograde goes direct on the 29th of June, so delay major decisions or signing documents or contracts until after this date, as confusion is apt to be the order of the day.

For the rest of the Summer with all the outer planets, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus retrograde, seemingly in backward motion, plan ahead for autumn, as now is not the best time for action.


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