by Nancy Stark


At this momentous juncture in time, the beginning of 2001, Venus and Neptune need to be closely looked at as they rule the Arts. Venus is the pretty face and Neptune is the ideal. Neptune in Aquarius is here to stay until the beginning of April of 2011, so its expression as an outer planet has already left its mark and will continue to reveal its influence during this time period. An outer planet is further from the sun, (this includes Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn). Because they are more distant, these planets take longer to go around the sun, and their influence is felt for a longer period of time. Venus in Aquarius, (an inner planet, closer to the sun), wants to impress and be different and in New York City it especially wants attention and gets it. Venus is in this sign only at the start of this year, but it nevertheless ads its influence to this symbolic beginning, reflecting her own particular charm to the coming year.

Artists in New York expect the sales of their work to be financially profitable, and the most startling or different fare best in this market, at least for the short run. Promises of great gains tend to be too easily accepted. Be careful of offers of delayed payment and enticement of investing in unusual enterprises, in particular promises in lieu of payment with the work as currency. Unusual attention getting ploys will be offered to promote artists work. Make sure your personal integrity is not compromised.

With an emphasis on Aquarius, as both Venus and Neptune are in this sign, the internet will be used more than ever as an electronic gallery, however, business practices over the medium need to be watched, as it is prone to unexpected glitches and abuses. The more ethereal, idealistic and spiritual forms of art especially those executed in unusual mediums, which Neptune in Aquarius represents, will fare best. Science fiction and futuristic, as well as visionary trends, are also included as areas portrayed in the arts.

A small faction of more aggressive art entrepreneurs, such as auction houses, will continue to profit from others works, so it would be to the artists benefit to get involved in changing prevalent modes, both of sale outlets, legal structures, and the manner of dealing in art commercially. Their output can be protected, with a future promise of much fairer circumstances for artists.

Of course, artists are independent by definition, and anarchic by nature, a Leonic (proud and autonomous) quality, so coming to agreement on a course of action as a group is not easy unless ego concerns can temporarily be put aside. Actors, rightly so, get residuals for their work, as do writers, composers etc., and writers are protected by copy write laws, so should visual artists. Pluto in Sagittarius here for a long stay supports legal action and ethical change, so this opportunity for change should not be wasted. There have been many occasions when art has been auctioned at huge sums and their creators were not included in the wind fall. With Jupiter in Gemini Retrograde, the time is perfect to rethink and solidify artists rights. Tension is to be expected between artists, art lovers, and the galleries until an equitable state in gains is reached.

On a global level, artists need to keep an eye on potential abuse of using their works without permission, similar to music being downloaded through the internet without artists permission or participation. With Electronic Galleries representing art over the internet, plagiarism is more apt to happen, as images are available by a click of a mouse, and down loading is used more and more, making it possible to alter images, and make it seem like someone's else's work, especially in remote areas of the globe.

The law on freedom of expression will also continue to come up, one not easily reconciled. Control and restructuring of ethics concerning art will come up for heated discussion. Delays abound, power struggles ensue, as those who think their truth is the only one make themselves loudly heard. Public opinion voice what they expect. Instead of making this subject into a political power play, it would be best for artists to issue a manifesto, as a group, international in scope, stating their purpose and intent, rather than leaving this issue in the hands of people that are not personally involved or who do not understand these issues first hand and are apt to champion personal prejudices of profit and gain.

Artists are the voice of what the general populace dimly envision, and as such, should have the support necessary to continue in their endeavors.

The more recognized artists have been there and done that and have a more practical approach as well as seeing more clearly what is the truth of the matter. Look for more experienced cooler heads to diffuse this potentially explosive subject. However, as expected, the younger artists will not easily come to the fold, as they are trying to express their vision in their own unique language, and any thwarting of that is greatly resented. On the whole, however, spirituality and creativity of a very significant nature has a real chance of being expressed this year in spite of controversy.

With Mercury in Capricorn in the new year chart, (Mercury stands for communication, and Capricorn for structure and responsibility), well structured works in literature will abound, especially those addressing conscious interdependence with our planet earth as a spiritual statement of our conscious change of attitude to a more evolved ecological stand.

Unusual erotic electronic images of great depth and meaning will also be prevalent stating the power of love and truth in an impactful, powerful, profound manner, using this subject to express spiritual truths in a different idiom.

Another medium, in which three dimensional works will be implemented, will most likely be steel, expressed with and emphasis on structure, as a sculptural architectural statement, defying the accepted norm.

More sculpture will be integrated into architecture, making it difficult to define the art form. Unusual plastics and other materials not usually associated or used with sculpture / painting will also abound. The ideas portrayed are solid but the structure will probably be airy. Temporary forms of art will also be widely seen or experienced, very much like sand paintings where after a time they are obliterated. There will be extremely creative breakthrough art that will challenge the status quo and our fondness for permanence and solidity. As usual the passive crowd pleasing works will attract attention, but the effect will be temporary.

Many will be attracted to profit by investing in art, the more sleek and unusual the better, those involved in the business of art are counting on this and directing their efforts in this direction, the power of commerce, not true art.

The subconscious, our source of creativity, will also have the chance for full play as intuitive insights get expressed, voicing the yearnings of our time. Artists who can allow themselves to step aside so that pure insight can come through, will be the most prolific and moving, those with artificial and forced goals and restrictions deaden the meaning of their work.

The world of letters, (literature), presents books with incisive comments on spirituality. Works on higher consciousness will continue to have a profound effect on changing our world mind set for a more conscious collaboration in our evolution.

Pluto square the Moon, an aspect of tension, heralds the breakdown of emotional patterns through confrontation and destruction of tired forms of sentimentality. We deal and express our feelings in a more profound manner, with art pointing the way. Teaching us how to incorporate deep change in our societies attitude and expression of meaningful emotions in a more productive manner. We will begin to change the way we relate as a group and in our personal lives. The tendency is for a faltering beginning, followed by greater clarity and understanding, ultimately regaining our equilibrium on a higher level.

Television leads the way as a teaching tool, the arts integrated in this medium bringing the point home.

The word will be creatively and extensively used in painting, sculpture, dance, and other media specially where it is least expected. The Arts are merging and metamorphosing creating an exciting hybrid.

Artists in the coming year tend to be more practical, and more structured in their esthetics.

The long term emotional pain, from lack of acknowledgment from the collective, is at its most sensitive, and artists are driven to change the status quo in relation to their place in society. This being an Aquarian Age, change in all fronts is eminent.

Talent abounds in 2001, forcefully expressed, socially involved, sensitive in its expression, backed with serious, thoughtful foundations.

2001 promises to be a breakthrough year. How this is achieved is in our hands, and whatever the outcome it promises to be unexpected and exciting.

Happy New Era!

Nancy Stark has been an Astrologer, Tarot and Palm reader for over 20 years. She is available for Tarot and Palm readings four days a week Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 7 PM to Midnight at Raoulís Restaurant, 180 Prince Street, between Sullivan and Thompson, For information regarding Astrology readings: e mail ufo.starfish @ No appointment necessary.