Blue Mountain/Bowery/Prince Street

by Robert Sievert


BLUE MOUNTAIN Gallery, BOWERY Gallery, and PRINCE STREET Gallery have just closed their Soho space and are relocating in Chelsea. The three galleries will occupy a floor in a building in the middle of the newest art scene. Their history and what led up to these galleries is notable.

When I was going to Cooper Union (1958-63) there were a number of small renegade cooperative galleries around 10th Street. This was the late 50's and Abstract Expressionism was the style of the day. Then as I concluded my studies abstract art had a major failure as a style. Pop, Op, Minimalism and Concept began to rise. The small galleries downtown folded.

For a while there was nothing in the way of painting to be seen except for uptown. Then sometime in the late sixties some of my friends were talking about a new gallery on the Bowery, THE BOWERY GALLERY.. Another gallery was close by on 1st St., THE FIRST STREET GALLERY.

I remember a wonderful show of paintings by Dan Lobel. Small landscapes done at a lake. All the paintings were the same size and they had a beautiful even light. Dan was some one I knew from Cooper Union so his paintings had particular meaning to me and my circle of artist friends.

It turns out this was the beginning of a new wave of galleries. Lucien Day opened THE GREEN MOUNTAIN GALLERY on Perry Street in the village. These galleries showed painterly realism and developed into a strong movement that consolidated into a region of the then burgeoning Soho art scene. THE PRINCE STREET GALLERY became a strong player. I also remember exciting shows of work at the LANDMARK GALLERY

The Green Mountain Gallery combined a variety of artists, more importantly it combined realist and abstract painting. In it's early years it showed abstract expressionist painting along with realist painting. Many of the younger artists painting nature were students of abstract artists. These new downtown galleries seemed to me a direct descendant of the 10th street scene.

For many years you could count on seeing lively art done in a variety of styles which upheld a New York painterly tradition in these galleries.

Then Green Mountain gallery became Blue Mountain and joined Prince Street and Bowery in a shared space in Soho further west than they had been.. A dedicated group of artists have maintained this on going tradition, showing their work in a professional space and manner.

BLUE MOUNTAIN/BOWERY/PRINCE STREET will now occupy a floor In a building in Chelsea on West 25th Street To Inaugurate this new space they are having a gala auction and exhibit March 6 through 10. There will be work of the current members of these galleries along with artists previously associated with the scene.

I myself can't wait, the prospect of seeing a Louis Finklestein, Lois Dodd, Neil Welliver and all the current artists greatly excites me.


Preview Works: March 6-10: 11am - 6pm

works by

David Acker
Michelle Albert
Lennart Anderson
Vincent Arcilesi
William Bailey
Elliot Bassman
Violet Baxter
Nancy Beal
Roscmarie Beck
Leland Bell
Robert Birmelin
Connie Bostic
Mary Buckley
Irene Buszko
Charles Cajori
Simon Carr
Glen Cebulash
Bernard Chact
Jane Gulp
José de Creeft
David   Dalessandro
Cynthia Dantzig
Kate Davis
Lois Dodd
Josh Dorman

Rackstraw Downes
Lawrence Fane
Henry Finkelstein
Louis Finkelstein
Sharyn Finnegan
Joe Fiore
Andrew Forge
Bruce Gagnier
Ann Gillen
Glenn Goldberg
Jacqueline   Gourevitch
Peter Gourfain
Joseph Greenberg
Richard Haas
Nancy Hagin
Carolyn Harris
Myron Heise
Robert Henry
Clinton Hill
Pud Houstoun
Scott Kahn
Herbert Katzman
Marjorie Kramer
Aihert Kresch
Robert Kulicke

Diana Kurz
Gabriel Laderman
Christine LaFuente
Fay Lansner
Richard Lethem
Arthur Levine
Tomar Levine
Vincent Longo
Shirley Lowe
David Lund
Linda Lutes
Anthony Martino
Andre Masson
Louisa   Matthiasdottir
James McGarrell
Graham Nickson
Lucille Nurske
Charles O'Connor
Bernard Olshan
Walter O'Neill
George Ortman
Michelene Parker
Susannah Plotnick
Lazarus James Reid
Paul Resika

Herman Rose
George Rose
Leatrice Rose
Grace Samberg
Rhea Sanders
Janet Sawyer
Ben Schecter
Laura Schecter
Pamela Schermer
Edward Schmidt
Linda Schrank
Harriet Shorr
Robert Sievert
Leanna Sirlin
Ed Smith
Don Southard
Joseph   Steffanelli
Altoon Sultan
Kimberly Thomas
Selina Trieff
Rose Ventling
Mimi Weisbord
Neil Welliver
Linda White
Phyllis   Yampolsky
  Copyright © Robert Sievert 2001