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MTA Pamphlet: Permanent Art / Call To Artists



Permanent Art / Call To Artists

Metropolitan Transportation Authority Arts for Transit commissions site-specific permanent art work in selected stations within the MTA subway and commuter rail network. Currently, MTA Arts for Transit is seeking proposals for original artwork to be incorpo rated as part of the rehabilitation of four subway stations on the Broadway BMT line (N,R): 28th Street, 23rd Street, 8th Street and Prince Street. Approximately one percent of the construction budget for each station is allocat ed for the design, fabrication, and installation of permanent artwork.

Designs for this project will be translated into glass or ceramic mosaic by an MTA approved fab ricator. It is not necessary for artists to have prior experience with the mosaic medium.

station rehabilitation

The current state of these four stations reflects the last rehabilitation which occurred in the 60's. This rehab covered the original 1918 architectural details of the BMT line including decorative mosaic banding and station identification plaques. The renovation will restore these stations to the original condi tion. Please refer to the typical platform detail drawings included on this flyer. Also, note that the control area around the token booth of each station contains samples of the original mosaic banding.This mosaic band ing will be further revealed and restored on the platforms. Alternatively, you can visit the Cortlandt Street station on the N,R line to view a similar platform wall treatment.

location of artwork

The artwork may be sited at any location(s) both on the uptown and downtown platform walls. Size, shape, and placement of art work are open to the imagination of the artist; imagery may be dispersed throughout the platform walls or concentrated into spe cific focal areas. Please note, however, that artwork cannot in any way alter or cover the newly restored historic mosaic banding or station identification plaques. Artwork is to be proposed for the platform walls only.

project budget

The selected artist will be required to sign a contract with the MTA that defines his/her responsibilities and the schedule of pay ments from the MTA to the artist.

The maximum budget for the design, fabrication, and installation of the artwork for each station is $120,000, of which the artist will receive a fee of 20% (up to $24,000). As part of this fee, he/she will be required to produce a final design as well as oversee the fabrication and installation of the com pleted artwork in the station.

As glass and ceramic mosaic fabrication costs an average of $200-250/square foot, arti