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An Artezine Interview with Nancy Stark


Artezine has consulted artist/astrologer NANCY STARK, who has been a consulting astrologer for over twenty years, to find out if astrology could offer artists any insights into the influence of the planets on art and artists. Nancy was interested in the idea and answered the following questions.

ARTEZINE: Nancy, do you see what importance astrology can have to the arts?

NANCY: Of course, Astrology is a great tool to see trends, and this exploration can spark greater understanding enhancing the positive options we can take. The ever changing dance of the planets synchronistically mirror our lives and as such encourages us to enjoy our dance harmoniously with the music of the spheres.

ARTEZINE: What is happening at this time astrologically?

NANCY: The auspicious day of Friday, September 22, of the year 2000, marks the Autumnal Equinox. This moment will be used in our inquiries and is further defined when the Sun enters Libra at 1:58 PM in New York City. This snapshot of time contains within it, as a metaphor, the planets as players, , the aspects, their interactions, the houses, the areas where these interactions take place.

Day and night are of equal length at the Equinox, thus starting this period with a strong quality of balance, which Sun in Libra embodies. In addition, Libra stands for esthetics, good taste, beauty, the need to define oneself through the eyes of another, and the arts.

ARTEZINE: Do you see in this any significance for the Artworld?

NANCY: Since the Sun is a cardinal sign, (a position of initiative), the reemergence of interest in creativity is energized, as shown in greater seasonal activity in art galleries, the theater, dance, and the performing arts. These openings or debuts, will be very much in the public eye, as receptivity is high arising from hunger for stimulation. Recognition will come to many for their efforts, as the Sun is in favorable aspect for imagination and creativity. There will be well-deserved monetary gains for those that have communicated their messages clearly, and brought forth their works with integrity. However, funding has a tendency to be unpredictable. Fluctuations in finances need to be included in the planning of future endeavors so as not to interfere with works in progress.

ARTEZINE: Do you have any special recommendations for artists?

NANCY: Perfectionism needs to be moderated, as this attitude might be carried out to a fault, causing the finished product to be delayed and overworked loosing its spontaneity and spirit.

In a more global mode, there seems to be a consensus among Astrologers that we have already entered the Age of Aquarius. We have been showing signs of this age by tremendous, rapid unexpected changes in our society, and in art. Art is no longer defined by tradition, but new mutated forms have arisen, challenging definition. ( environmental art and installations with the artist as an object). One example is a porcelain sculpture by Jeff Koons of a headless woman grabbing her breasts as a snorkel arises from her bubble bath..

Even the media in which these pieces of work are executed challenge the imagination. Electronics, video, computer and digital art is being implemented expanding our creative horizons. Such as the piece by Damien Hirst of two severed cows heads preserved in formalide.

ARTEZINE: What specific astrological events do you see influencing the arts at this time?

NANCY: Pluto has been in Sagittarius since 1995, and further defines this quarter of the millennium, with power, vision and truth seeking, with a beam of light, laser in precision, clarifying our path. Laser as an art tool will begin to be used more extensively, and messages of philosophical and political impact will abound as Pluto rules the masses and politics. Sagittarius rules philosophy, fairness and social equality

Another implementation of lasers is in the duplication of three dimensional objects. Michaelangelo?s David is now being recorded so that it can be viewed from any vantage point in virtual reality. One does not have this advantage in viewing the statue live in Florence. This will open the door to further works where duplicating a three dimensional image , changing each succeeding piece creates a whole new way of working.

Neptune in Aquarius, the planet of illusions, drugs, drunks, dreams and cinema, has affected films by their enriched visual presentation, using and expanding digital imaging pioneered by the advertising field. Films that rival dreams in their startling images, beauty, and otherworldliness are eagerly welcomed by the public. Steven Spielberg has used these means superbly and has led the way to greater exploration in this area. He has brought his personal mythology out to the masses. His example has been followed and expanded upon by many new film makers, brilliantly using these tools as their personal messages, such as the recent film, The Matrix.

Uranus in Aquarius, the planet of unpredictability and disruption as well as brilliant creativity has been in this sign since 1995. This has strongly magnified the attributes of this Aquarian Age, as well as the sign it rules (Aquarius) which stands for explosive innovated change. Expect the unexpected, making the arts the field for independent rebellious growth with the credo?Take no prisoners,? even the old is new!. Shock value dominates as impatience for notice is highlighted. Violence in art has erupted shockingly changing our perception of what art means to us forever , and shaking ethical values to the roots so it?s conscious expression of meaningfulness is what should be pursued.

ARTEZINE: So as you see it artists are going through a metamorphosis?

NANCY: The old vanguard, meaning the traditional more established artist, are left with the responsibility of structuring and holding ground, incorporating the new without losing the old from which a bridge can be built to span the tentative infant stirrings of the new art to the fully grown , mature artforms of the future.

This is a very strong time of transition. Neptune and Uranus, both in Aquarius are harbingers of things to come. They are at the exciting juncture of change and transformation, however our vision is not yet clear. Indiscriminate inclusion is the pattern of the day, for example using the self as the canvas has become evident as tattooing and body piercing has become prevalent. The artist becomes his own work.

Saturn in Gemini has regressed to Taurus in mid October. The old paradigm Taurus is practical in its need to assign material value to its products. Saturn, the sign of management, perseverance and ambition has imbued these past two years with its values, marking a time when the arts have been relegated to objects of speculation and investment, rather than acquired for their intrinsic esthetic values, Case in point, Sothebys and Christies have bought contemporary art from galleries to auction them off at outrageously inflated prices. The auction houses has pocketed the money and left the artists without any profit.

Another oddity I have noticed is the influx of cows painted and decorated by New York Artists flooding the city with their humor and sometimes beauty. Saturn in Taurus, could stand for taking cows seriously.

Since this is such a volatile time, true value, even if under represented, has not been erased from our consciousness. The truly old and accepted is holding its position.

NOTE: Nancy Stark is available for consultation, tarot and palm readings in a Soho restaurant four nights a week. For information, email


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