Website review:

Ronald Warunek,

Ronald Warunek's site is composed of several elements of his artistic output: his paintings and his drawings, as well as some descriptive and theoretical material.

I first looked at his paintings, which were not truly paintings in the strictest sense: they are compositions made with minerals and chemicals that seem to change with time as they interact with each other. These images are colorful and seem to be an extension of the color stain painters of the sixties and seventies, the most prominent of whom was Paul Jenkins.

I was left with a feeling that this was another "nature as art" scheme, but then I took another look at his colored drawings, and found a struggle between realistic and abstract focuses. This is the dialectic of artistic creation that seemed to be missing from his chemical paintings. His drawings are in a color temperature that makes them seem at times like comic book land, and at other times like fauvist masterpieces.