Nguyen Ducmanh:
            Journey Into Serenity

My mother's motto: "We only speak to God" -- that is pretty preposterous; my cri de guerre is: "Get bombed and get laid." Simpler and have a lot of approval from the fellow men!

Issue from a dysfunctional family I get all domains ready for setting myself afire instead of the world aflame as I thought when I am intoxicated!

My mother is a gambler... gambling is not her weakness of character! The disease of gambling took over her mind and spirit as later I was a serf to the Lord John Barleycorn! Strong woman... she bore 10 siblings, 7 sons, 3 daughters; a girl precedes me of the same father and I lost my father when I was 3 months old! Oldest son I inherit her stamina. Mankind has the self power to explore into infinite universe but equally ingenious in the savoir faire to self fuck up!

A chap asked Duke why he don't marry his own people? He replied I don't screw my own people... He was hazed after ingratiated a bottle of Wild Turkey!

(Duke married 4 times with Roman, Jew, Nordic and Cherokee Indian... anterior probing the Special Branch have the affidavit that Duke lost his flower at 17... rite du passage coercion by a virgin métisse 19, half French half Vietnamese)

Living in this city's perpetual striving! This hell way of living unless I bottom out... run out of options where kokaine, sex and booze and so on did me ... God helps me to get his message for the internal!

Must I wear a Brooks Brothers suit or Savile Row; driving a fancy car, if chauffeured is a plus! all facade: the External is money; material things... I thought that solve the problems but take years before I manage to live in the solution instead in the problem!

Mgr. ABS, chief Rabbi of America asked Duke: "You want to work for me... but your English's grosso modo... what else's your qualification? Duke replied. "My taste in women is lousy but my taste in aesthetics Is first rate!"

1 don't have much success in a financial sense in NY probably due to my obnoxious behavior cause by my drinking habit... people don't want me around too long only Mr. ABS tolerate my presence but I don't feel the icy relationship yet because as a first drink gulped: my thinking's distorted and I thought everything is OK!

But the women like me enormously I thought, I am witty, handsome and serviceable but really they enjoy my companionship which is: I like to read... read their books plus they know I can't bear my mother, it's mean, either I become an übermaricón or I like to screw their brains out... and that is my case: I like them fat, if I don't get it ... skinny anorexic's fine with me. Mata Hairy is a plus if adorned with mustache a la Frieda Kahlo! A horny Diaspora murmurs to my ear that I'm not big but respectable! Beautiful hammer head! Ça alors!

Take me long time to perceive: man-and-woman relationships beside love and lust -- several are based